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Something Special...

He travels regularly overseas to assess gardening trends visiting major garden and home fairs. He also visits key international stores in Europe and the USA that have a major influence over home fashion market.


He also personally services sales territories to maintain direct feedback on local market trends and understand the unique characteristics of our market.

His ability to read and understand international trends and to tweak these to our homes has ensured Lifestyle Homewares continues to develop products that are in fashion and ahead of the field.

Established in 1978, Lifestyle soon became recognised as an innovative market leading supplier of home décor.


In 1999, our director, Robert Pompei managed an inner-city garden centre, Urban Jungle in Surry Hills, Sydney. During this time, he came to understand, through firsthand experience, what customers are looking for when buying containers for houseplants.


Being frustrated by the lack of good product on the market, he then went on to reposition Lifestyle Homewares as a specialist supplier in this field.

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